Growing Web portals online has encouraged all the small business owners in the market to come and promote their businesses over internet. Small businesses like small manufacturing unit, exporters, and suppliers from any field of business. Web Portals are similar to Websites or Web Pages which are informative in nature. Again an informative website is a collection of web pages online which offers vivid variety of information related or concern to the business it offers or the idea what the designer or the owner has in his mind. These business portals nothing different from the hard bound business directories we people generally have at home just that web portals are the electronic version of the same. Web portals acts as online B2B directory where B2B stands for business to business which means that it specifically facilitate or comes in handy to the business owners of any area but if seen other wise they are equally helpful to the general public like us as we about equally require business listing around us. Also with the growing exposure to internet we who working professionals or students or business owner do roughly 10 percent of our daily shopping from internet, if not we at least look for the required products online once before going to the shop.

In India the business related web portals or Indian b2b portal are really growing these days, with the increased reach of the consumers and business owner in India the scope of business owners to list their businesses online has also grown. India nurture a uncountable numbers of small cottage size businesses on its chest, spread over the India from north to south and east to west. India B2B portal are has high scope of business listing on them together with business variety provided that the consumers and business owners are well aware of these websites.

Listing businesses with online B2B directory not only help support your business by promotion it online to be visible to numerous visitors and potential customers. It also builds BUSINESS LEADS, BUSINESS CONTACTS, and POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS for any business listed online.

India B2B portal offers its visitors and customers to list their business for free as well as paid, under various business listing categories. It offers highly interactive interface for the visitors and easy index-able business categories to help both the list-ers and the visitors to find their required elements on the business portal.

With various membership schemes available for paid business listing keeping different business sizes in mind and numerous visitors recorded daily, it is believed that the growth of business is confirmed with business listing.
Business portals stand more efficient than the individual websites if seen through ROI criteria. If compared return is not much as per the investment is concern for private websites. Whereas it is just contrary for web portals, business owners get much more benefits than they may get from private website of their business, for example business lead from all over the region. Indian b2b portal is the best way to go for any business owner, small, large, manufacturer, exporters, or any kind of trader, situated in India. Not only that it benefits business situated over India, but also others by providing contact details of the traders who are based in India. This facility helps majority of the business owners who are not based in India but still wants to get into business with Indian marketers.

Online B2B directory offers wide variety business categories for businesses from agriculture, transport, hardware, medical and many others to choose from. Directory being available online is visible to masses worldwide also and is update every day. Indian b2b portal offers genuine business listings which saves time of the visitors or potential customers. All these facilities makes Indian b2b portal one of the major and best BUSINESS 2 BUSINNESS Portal in India.