Direct mail contains a wide variety of materials such as postcards, newsletters, catalogues, and sales letters. A majority of organizations acknowledge the importance of direct mail for reaching out to their new and existing customers in an efficient and profitable way. If you are considering direct mail service to your advertising program or you are handling it on your own, you should consider hiring a direct mail service. These companies can provide a variety of direct mail services from digital postcard printing to mailing and advanced direct mail packages.

You need to research the top shops dealing in the direct mail service and narrow down your choice based on your requirement. You should know what type of pricing they offer and what kind of customer service they offer before hiring them.

Here are the services you can expect from the direct mail service companies:


Support for copywriting and designing

Rental of mailing list

Certification of the list

Digital and offset printing

Variable data printing

Mailing and web based postcard services

The Advantages of Using Personalized Direct Mail for Marketing Your Business

Personalized direct mail allows to send direct mail to a list of existing and potential customers willing to buy your product. This method of advertising proves to be a cost-effective method, unlike other methods where the quantity to quality ratio is far from each other.

Direct mail is always tangible and allows making variations to advertising that can grab the attention of the potential buyer. The flexibility of the direct mail also allows you to use postcards, flyers, pamphlets, and photos to express your companies’ exact products, making it the most efficient way of advertising. It keeps your products/services in the minds of clients fresh for a longer time. Perhaps, they can stick your flyer on their refrigerator’s door to look later as a reminder.

You can test the depth of the market using a small number of mailing and start out with the full flow direct mailing after the results of response from your initial campaign. The ability to test the market is one of the unique features and advantages that direct mail offers. Any other method of advertising would require you to invest without giving an opportunity to test the market.

Direct mail service allows you to estimate the probability of the advertisement and its product. It is important to know how useful was your campaign and was the money well spent. Direct mail allows faster response due to its personalized marketing and ability to target your client list.

Direct mail facilitates to send out concrete and personalized target message at a very low cost. Business can test their markets and find out what product and service have a better response and proceeds with their company plan.

Therefore, personalized direct mail service is important to take your business to a new level by targeting your buyers with this most effective method.

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