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E-bidding The New Global Business Trend

Internet technology has become an intrinsic part of business enterprises across the world. Traditional business models have been replaced by online business proceedings with its high-tech tools and features. The rise of internet technology happened as business owners realized the potential of the Internet in enhancing the speed, efficiency and accuracy of their business operations and how they facilitate smooth and flawless business proceedings.

One such promising new-age business trend is E-Bidding. With more and more e-commerce websites getting deployed on the World Wide Web, the concept of e-bidding in soaring high.

What is E-Bidding?
E-bidding, also known as online bidding and e-auctions is a rising trend in the corporate circles across the globe. E-bidding is the concept wherein an online marketplace or website allows buyers to post their requirements in real time bidding events and potential suppliers and service providers can compete to sell their products or services to the buyer.

E-biddings are especially beneficial in scenarios where clients have accurately specified requirements and need the best and cost effective services to satiate them. Apart from the cost factor, clients can also consider the timeliness and quality of deliverables as a deciding factor to choose service providers and product suppliers.

E-bidding is a highly popular trend and is being used by several industries to buy and sell products and professional services at profitable rates and further profitable business endeavors.

The Process of E-Bidding
E-bidding revolves around the concept of sale and purchase of products and services online at profitable prices. Buyers generally post their requirements in online marketplaces and B2B websites and place Request for Bids. Potential suppliers and service providers can view these posts and submit competitive Bids for the same. In turn, buyers can review the bids and select one that is most cost effective. However, money is not the only criteria in selecting the vendor. Rather, buyers can browse through portfolios of potential vendors, trace their experience and expertise of the industry and then select the one that best qualifies for their requirements.

Business Advantages of E-Bidding
E-bidding offers a plethora of advantages to businesses and industries. It allows businesses to procure quality and cost effective services for their processes and thus helps them expand their profit margins. Likewise, suppliers and service providers can offer their products and services at best rates and reap benefits as well.

Here are some valuable business advantages of bidding online.

Access to Large Databases
B2B websites generally contain extensive databases of buyers and service providers. This increases and widens the network of the companies and individuals who register themselves on the website and connects them to a large pool of industry audiences. While buyers can browse through the database to find suitable service providers for their projects, service providers, in turn can apply to several posted projects and acquire new leads for their businesses.

Access to Worldwide Business Leads
E-bidding brings together buyers and service providers from all over the world. All the members of a B2B website have access to a worldwide audience. This means they can transgress geographical boundaries and time zone differences to hire professional services of offshore service providers and suppliers.

Access to Worldwide Business Leads
E-bidding brings together buyers and service providers from all over the world. All the members of a B2B website thus have access to a worldwide audience. This means buyers can transgress geographical boundaries and overcome time zone differences to hire professional services from offshore service providers and suppliers.

Comparison of Biddings
E-biddings allow buyers to monitor biddings and compare the different bids that are submitted. After they have reviewed all the bids, they can evaluate potential service providers and choose the best out of the lot.

Established Credibility
E-biddings is a critical procedure on trusted and established B2B websites. So all the members of the database are reliable and trust-worthy. This is because, these websites validate the identity of all the registered members and thoroughly check the details specified by them. This enhances the sanctity of online business proceedings.

Reduced Paperwork
Since all the proceedings are done online and all the information is stored electronically, there are no hassles about paperwork. The information can be easily and steadily processed and put to further use. Unlike scrapes of paper that needs to be reviewed manually, online data can be processed electronically by automated programs and softwares. Moreover, there is no additional costs regarding postage, photocopying and so on.

Time Savings
Because of online processing of information and other operations, e-bidding saves businesses a great deal of time and effort. Unlike tender systems, one doesn’t have to individually sort through applications to choose the right service provider and even the suppliers don’t have to send out forms and applications. E-bidding makes it easier to submit and review forms easily over the internet.

Secure Bidding Environment
E-commerce websites have strict security measures and privacy policies that ensures the safety of your data. Moreover, you can also be sure that all your cash transactions would be processed safely and securely.

Standardized Procurement Process
B2B websites allow buyers to specify the desired qualifications of vendors and service providers that they wish to seek. Thus, buyers can define parameters such as number of years of experience, type of expertise, ISO certifications and so on. And only service providers that fulfill these specified pre-conditions can apply or bid for the posted project. This highly standardizes the procurement process and delivers only relevant options to the client.

E-bidding helps obtain not just cost-effective services but also the ones that offer best value. It should be used as a strategic procurement tool by businesses to acquire valuable services for themselves and widen their profit margins.

Disclaimer : Sabra Easterday is the owner and founder of MatchB2B. Sabra is also a lawyer with a special interest in business issues and e-marketplaces. Notwithstanding that Sabra Easterday is a lawyer, nothing in this article and no services of MatchB2B or its website are legal services and no attorney-client relationship exists between any reader of this article or user, customer or potential customer of MatchB2B, and MatchB2B, its website or Sabra Easterday.

How Can Local Business Directories Help Your Business

Putting your company to local business directories is simple

Today, all businesses require a way of being located and thus businesses, regardless of their size, are going to do excellently on looking up local business directories in melbourne and local business directories in sydney. The excellent news happens to be that it is incredibly effortless to put in your company to such directories. Making use of local business directories is able to and will positively aid in ensuring that your business is visible by all of the large search engines.

How are local business directories beneficial?

Local business directories are able to help you out in diverse ways, mainly if your business is serving clients in a specific neighborhood. Following the dawn of the internet, the majority, if not every, business and individual have nearly dumped the conventional manner of marketing. Consequently, these days, there are incredibly few business individuals that keep on depending on yellow pages. Actually contemporary business people are more oriented towards the development of online presence and this is something that can be done easily by the utilization of local business directories.

Quite amazingly, nearly 30% of search appeals with the key search engines entail employment of a city/ state/ a zip code. It is more surprising that nearly 56% of neighboring users which utilize search engines are going to, on finding a local store, visit it and procure something.

All this goes on to show that there are numerous benefits of employment of local business directories. On taking a look around, it is very much likely that you are going to hit upon lots of such directories that would be helping you to build up a more potent online presence and simultaneously such directories would also be helping you hook up with likely clients in your locality.

All that you are required doing is finding the accurate business directory in your region, after which you are able to make contact with them and have your company listed. Having had done that, it is going to be long before individuals begin finding your company online.

For making the most of local business directories you have got to first put in your company to the directory. This implies leaving your particulars with the directory and this is simple process if you make use of their links. Having had clicked on their links, they are going to subsequently make contact with you and request you to get registered.

To Become An Independent Business Owner In A Global Business

In the last decade, many MLM Business Opportunities have gone global. Now many savvy Independent Business Owner are recruiting strong leaders in the every country that the business opportunity are present. With some Companies expanding to over twenty countries in four or five continents, they are customers everywhere. If you are interested in finding out more about this and / or want to becoming an Independent Business Owner in a Global Business, read on.

Many people that what to start up in business dont consider Network Marketing / MLM mostly because of the misconception about the industry. The business opportunities that MLM Companies provide to Entrepreneurs is unique in the world of business.

1.Easy to Start Once you become an Independent Business Owner in any of the global business opportunities our Global Partners will set-up everything you need within 24 hours. Your On-line shops in over twenty countries, your initial training courses and I will be there to guide you whenever you need me.

2.Capital For most MLM opportunities, the initial Capital cost just about the same or less than your PS4 or Xbox One. To get a life time opportunity to be involved in a business with incredible potential income opportunity Find Out More

3.Prerequisites In this industry no former Education is required, none. Absolutely no prior business experience or skills needed. No discrimination of any kind on any basis; religion, sex, orientation, race, disability, nothing.

4.Income / Salary This global business opportunity has no salary but with massive income potentials including passive income. The amount of income depends on you, your drive, how much time you dedicate to the business. It is not capped, no ceiling.

To make a success as an Independent Business Owner, you will need to be;
1.Open minded
3.Very Coachable
5.Hard working

Some of the benefits of becoming an Independent Business Owner in a MLM global business Opportunity;
Become to your boss
Earn what you want
Tremendous on-line, face to face training and annual international conventions

These business opportunities are simple and makes a lot of sense. Diverse MLM companies and Independent Business Owners market products and services that many people want and consume on a daily basis.

If you want to know more or become Independent Business Owner in the a MLM global Business Opportunity, download my free eReport HERE to open your mind to the amazing world of Global business in the 21st century.

How To Impress A Business Partner

As any successful businessperson knows, a huge part of business is presentation. Whether it is presentation of your product or service, the way you market your company in advertising, or the kind of impression you give to potential partners or clients, presentation is essential. If presenting a professional image to a potential business partner is your concern, there are many things to think about, including professional image, manners, and etiquette.

In many cases, a potential business partner will fly into your city to meet with you and your company. Your presentation begins from the very moment that person steps off the airplane. If someone from your company is there to greet them, make sure the employee is dressed professionally in either business casual or business formal attire. No jeans or t-shirts should be permitted. The person at the airport is your first contact with your partner. Make sure it’s a good first impression.

One of the best ways to impress a future partner is through chauffeured transportation. An airport limo is a great way to ensure that you partner receives professional transportation from a professional driver. If you are worried that limousine will look too pretentious or expensive for your business partner and may have the opposite effect than the one intended, don’t worry.

Most limousine companies have a fleet of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular forms of business transportation is a chauffeured town car. A town car is a sleek and professional luxury sedan that will represent you as the ultimate professional with the comfort of your partner as your first priority.

Another important part of impressing your business partner is through good manners. Make sure that everyone that is in contact with your potential business partner calls your partner by the correct honorific and last name, such as “Mr. Jones” or “Dr. Roberts” unless asked to do otherwise by the person in question. When meeting your potential business partner for the first time, make sure to be the first to offer a firm handshake and make eye contact. Clearly introduce yourself to the person and be sure to introduce others in the room as well.

Although cell phones are a part of business, when wooing a potential business partner, your cell phone should be silenced and remain hidden during any business meetings or dinner engagements that might take place. You don’t want your cell phone to become disruptive and interrupt any important business proceedings. By presenting your company in the most professional way possible, you will give your potential partner the best opportunity to see your company in a positive light.

Enhance Your Travel Business With Api And Whitelabel

i2space Technologies is a leading travel software-technology & consulting company, develops online travel booking engine for the domestic and global clients. We provide complete end to end technological services and internet promotion solutions for travel companies, tour operators, travel agents, leading hotels, Flight operators, Bus Operators etc.

I2space Technologies named as online Travel, Transportation & Technology Provider in little time. We give you best designs, ideas and strategies and mix up them with advanced development knowledge to produce highly project results. Our core development services include analysis, design, developing it into using advanced modern technologies where ever applicable. We are experienced in many additional travel services including Custom light weight Development; API Integration; XML Integration.
i2space from last 3 years providing the Travel and Hospitality Services to all the SME’s across Domestic India. We have been giving the technical support to almost 75 clients from last one year which is self explanatory.
We are making a new wave in Indian Travel Industry to empower the Small land Mid scale travel operators to make their IT way smoothly with the Travel and Technology across globe with instant booking and comprehensive choices. Aimed to offer a range of value added products and services along with cutting-edge technology

API Travel Site
Application Program Interface (API) is a framework that will make easy developing the HTTP services that reach number of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. API is a technology platform for building rest full services and applications on the internet to consume various business services.
Application programming interface (APIs) allow users to connect to a server through secured environment which allows confidential transfers. API Integration is affordable in comparison to the same featured website development. It makes reusable functionality with significant ease of use XML based messages.
Here, we i2space write and consume different types of Travel APIs to build the travel portals as well as the travel web services that can be interacted directly with the main server for processing XML based requests

White Labeled Travel Solutions
Let your end users search, book, and manage the services from today.
A white label cloud service is a cloud model provider that sells customers resources that they serve, offering to their own customers under their own brand indent instead of provider name. This type of service enables third party Company branding with control over User Interface / User experience & appearance, etc. along with access to data base.
What is White label branding? Generally called white labeling is a process of manufacturing and marketing practice in which a product or service is produced by one company and then promoted by another company to show their services and offers depend on business strategies.
The white label model fits all the SMEs to reduce the technology, storage and support-maintenance cost drastically.
Live Example in the Market, the white label branding is most often used in reputed companies, where sub dealers take usage of the parent dealer services in franchise or dealer ship model.
I2space provide read made white label branding in Travel & Hospitality and Recharge Industry to enrich the SMEs clients.
MAIN Services:
1.GDS Integration: Global Distribution System for booking flights, hotels
2.Domestic and International Flight booking Engine
3.Domestic and International Hotel Booking Engine
4.Domestic and International Holiday Packages Booking Engine
5.Cars and Cabs Booking Engine
6.Bus Booking Engine, Bus Booking Softwares
7.Third Party API Integration of any service provider
8.All Business Models (B2B/B2C/B2B2C)
9.White Label Product for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Bus, Holidays etc
10.Internet Promotion like SEO & SMO for the complete Travel Reservation System
11.Online Travel Payment gateway accepts all domestic and international cars.
12.Travel Mobile APPS Application Development IPHONE AND ANDRIOD
13.Travel Mobile Application Design
14.Mobile Bus Ticket Booking

Take the logos from the below links:

How to Sell Your Advertising and Design Businesses

Every advertising & design business owner dreams of the day they sell their firm, cashing out, exiting with satisfaction, and spending the rest of their life on a lovely beach. In reality, only a few owners get this great opportunity, though many get the opportunity to sell their advertising & design businesses. If you want to be one of those few owners who get the opportunity to walk away with great peace of mind, you should take your time and plan the sale of your advertising & design company ahead. This article will talk about how you can position yourself in order to get the most money when cashing out.

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Company? The best time to sell your advertising & design company is when it is performing at its peak. This is the best time when you can easily find lots of potential buyers. If your business ceases to make profits, you will have a real hard time finding the buyer for it.

Can You Sell Your Advertising & Design Company? Does your business depend on you to make money? If yes, then you should take measures to make sure your advertising & design agency makes profit that is completely independent of you. Also, make sure it won’t be difficult for the new owner to put lots of efforts to make money from your company after acquisition. For this purpose, you should provide them with a solid blueprint. The key to selling your business successfully is building a tangible value within your company. Ask yourself honestly, can your advertising & design agency be sold? If it can’t be sold, take the following things into consideration.

List of Assets That Can’t Be Sold Let’s have a look at those assets that potential buyers may not be willing to pay for. Business Owner – buyers want to buy the tangible value that you have built in your advertising & design company. Employees – most buyers will not be willing to pay for the existing employees. However, in some cases, where the buyer wants to continue to operate your firm, they will value your -key- employees. In most cases, new acquirers want to have their own people to handle customers.

Less known brand – if your brand is less known, buyers will not want to pay for it.

List of Assets That Can Be Sold There are some assets that the potential buyer would be willing to pay for. These assets are: Long-term clients – potential buyer will be very much interested in paying for this because it is guaranteed revenue. To know more please us. Client list – potential buyer will be willing to pay for regular clients. Hard assets – these may include furniture, equipment, and fixtures etc.

Strategic value – keep your main focus on building this asset. This is mainly because you can make huge money from this.

Personalized Direct Mail Services for Business

Direct mail contains a wide variety of materials such as postcards, newsletters, catalogues, and sales letters. A majority of organizations acknowledge the importance of direct mail for reaching out to their new and existing customers in an efficient and profitable way. If you are considering direct mail service to your advertising program or you are handling it on your own, you should consider hiring a direct mail service. These companies can provide a variety of direct mail services from digital postcard printing to mailing and advanced direct mail packages.

You need to research the top shops dealing in the direct mail service and narrow down your choice based on your requirement. You should know what type of pricing they offer and what kind of customer service they offer before hiring them.

Here are the services you can expect from the direct mail service companies:


Support for copywriting and designing

Rental of mailing list

Certification of the list

Digital and offset printing

Variable data printing

Mailing and web based postcard services

The Advantages of Using Personalized Direct Mail for Marketing Your Business

Personalized direct mail allows to send direct mail to a list of existing and potential customers willing to buy your product. This method of advertising proves to be a cost-effective method, unlike other methods where the quantity to quality ratio is far from each other.

Direct mail is always tangible and allows making variations to advertising that can grab the attention of the potential buyer. The flexibility of the direct mail also allows you to use postcards, flyers, pamphlets, and photos to express your companies’ exact products, making it the most efficient way of advertising. It keeps your products/services in the minds of clients fresh for a longer time. Perhaps, they can stick your flyer on their refrigerator’s door to look later as a reminder.

You can test the depth of the market using a small number of mailing and start out with the full flow direct mailing after the results of response from your initial campaign. The ability to test the market is one of the unique features and advantages that direct mail offers. Any other method of advertising would require you to invest without giving an opportunity to test the market.

Direct mail service allows you to estimate the probability of the advertisement and its product. It is important to know how useful was your campaign and was the money well spent. Direct mail allows faster response due to its personalized marketing and ability to target your client list.

Direct mail facilitates to send out concrete and personalized target message at a very low cost. Business can test their markets and find out what product and service have a better response and proceeds with their company plan.

Therefore, personalized direct mail service is important to take your business to a new level by targeting your buyers with this most effective method.

iti Direct Mail has a team of direct mail marketing specialists and graphic designers, providing nonprofits, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and small businesses with effective and targeted personalized direct mail, newsletters and brochures. To know more direct mail ideas to boost your response, please visit

Get Your Business Listed On Biggest B2b Portal

Growing Web portals online has encouraged all the small business owners in the market to come and promote their businesses over internet. Small businesses like small manufacturing unit, exporters, and suppliers from any field of business. Web Portals are similar to Websites or Web Pages which are informative in nature. Again an informative website is a collection of web pages online which offers vivid variety of information related or concern to the business it offers or the idea what the designer or the owner has in his mind. These business portals nothing different from the hard bound business directories we people generally have at home just that web portals are the electronic version of the same. Web portals acts as online B2B directory where B2B stands for business to business which means that it specifically facilitate or comes in handy to the business owners of any area but if seen other wise they are equally helpful to the general public like us as we about equally require business listing around us. Also with the growing exposure to internet we who working professionals or students or business owner do roughly 10 percent of our daily shopping from internet, if not we at least look for the required products online once before going to the shop.

In India the business related web portals or Indian b2b portal are really growing these days, with the increased reach of the consumers and business owner in India the scope of business owners to list their businesses online has also grown. India nurture a uncountable numbers of small cottage size businesses on its chest, spread over the India from north to south and east to west. India B2B portal are has high scope of business listing on them together with business variety provided that the consumers and business owners are well aware of these websites.

Listing businesses with online B2B directory not only help support your business by promotion it online to be visible to numerous visitors and potential customers. It also builds BUSINESS LEADS, BUSINESS CONTACTS, and POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS for any business listed online.

India B2B portal offers its visitors and customers to list their business for free as well as paid, under various business listing categories. It offers highly interactive interface for the visitors and easy index-able business categories to help both the list-ers and the visitors to find their required elements on the business portal.

With various membership schemes available for paid business listing keeping different business sizes in mind and numerous visitors recorded daily, it is believed that the growth of business is confirmed with business listing.
Business portals stand more efficient than the individual websites if seen through ROI criteria. If compared return is not much as per the investment is concern for private websites. Whereas it is just contrary for web portals, business owners get much more benefits than they may get from private website of their business, for example business lead from all over the region. Indian b2b portal is the best way to go for any business owner, small, large, manufacturer, exporters, or any kind of trader, situated in India. Not only that it benefits business situated over India, but also others by providing contact details of the traders who are based in India. This facility helps majority of the business owners who are not based in India but still wants to get into business with Indian marketers.

Online B2B directory offers wide variety business categories for businesses from agriculture, transport, hardware, medical and many others to choose from. Directory being available online is visible to masses worldwide also and is update every day. Indian b2b portal offers genuine business listings which saves time of the visitors or potential customers. All these facilities makes Indian b2b portal one of the major and best BUSINESS 2 BUSINNESS Portal in India.

Common Hazards To Avoid With a Small Business For Sale

If you are planning to sell your business on your own, there are numerous pitfalls along the way that you need to avoid. The problem is when you don’t even know how to spot these dangers even if they are staring you in the face. There are two ways to go about the sale of your business: either you market your business for sale online on your own or hire a credible and experienced business broker to assume that responsibility. The first route is more stressful and labour intensive, particularly when you have no prior expertise in the field. The second way is obviously more ideal if you want to sell your business at the highest price in a shorter time frame at little extra effort on your part whilst you continue to concentrate on running your business.

Mistake 1: Lack of planning

Whether you are looking to sell or buy a business in Australia, it’s all about the timing. You will miss an opportunity to obtain the best price if you wait too long or act too soon. Perfect timing takes careful planning. The important thing is to never be impatient. On average in the current market it takes 6 months to a year to sell a small business. Even putting your business in the hands of a really good broker doesn’t guarantee a quick sales because there are too many external factors to consider.

For example, you should have a good record-keeping system so when it’s actually the time to sell, you won’t have to go back through a mountain of paperwork or incomplete data just to show the status of your business at the time of the sale.

Mistake 2: Trying to take on too much

Just consider the task involved. You will have to carefully prepare the listing of your business, design an advert or some brochures, come up with proactive measures to aggressively market your business, available be always when the prospective buyer comes to call, contact a tax professional or legal counsel to handle the paperwork, and spruce up the place to add value to the property. Even then, there’s no guarantee you are going to get the maximum possible price for your business. These days most marketing takes place through sophisticated and professional websites most of which are not available to the general public, which means you will often miss the opportunity to reach the target market.

If you can’t make heads and tails about the business for sale market, taking on too much can be very dangerous indeed. Do notget too caught up about the broker’s fees because a professional broker can often obtain a higher price in the market which will more than pay for these costs when you put up your small business for sale. It’s the classic case of failing to see the forest for the trees.

Mistake 3: Jumping the gun

Jumping the gun is an idiomatic expression to denote over-eagerness. Just because somebody makes an offer does not mean you should immediately accept it. This is the most common mistakes by first-time sellers who did not hire the services of professionals.Knowing how to negotiate to obtain the best deal is very important when you sell one of the largest assets that you own, your small business for sale.

Follow Proper Business Etiquette in South Korea

Are you planning for establishing new business? Searching for the appropriate place of the business? If yes then set up your business in South-Korea. It is the best place for you to start your own business. The place is full of business opportunities. In order to run the business profitably, all you need to do is learning. An understanding of a country’s business etiquette, culture and attitude is a helpful way of establishing good interpersonal relationships with ease. You need to learn the business etiquette of that place. You need to understand the guidelines related to their business style. Koreans are very particular about their business rituals. Following are the main aspects of business etiquette South Korea such as:

  1. BUSINESS MEETINGS: Meetings are usually scheduled in advance. At the time of first interaction with any Korean person, it is best to be introduced by a third party. Avoid giving your personal details by your own. The first interaction is the best time for building the strong and long term relation. Shaking hands is too common among Koreans. It is advisable to exchange gifts in the first meeting. Also exchange the business cards, but be careful while presenting your business card. Use both hands while offering and receiving the business card. Avoid putting someone’s card in your pocket because that means you are show disrespect to that person.
  2. TEAM MANAGEMENT: Koreans have strong relations with their subordinates and business partners. They believe in maintaining long term relations. They make friendly relation with their partners and also with the team leader. Their relations are based on mainly two factors such as respect and trust. Therefore while working with a Korean team it is necessary to gain their respect. Also respect can be gained through educational achievement, experience and by performing the correct business etiquette. They believe in maintaining the comfortable environment within the organization.
  3. COMMUNICATION: The communication style in Business etiquette South Korea is very formal. Avoid saying ‘no’ as it is considered as poor etiquette. It is very important to maintain politeness and patience at all times. Communication is the basic key to develop the good relationships. It is necessary to maintain fine body posture during meetings. Avoid making slouching or overly expressive body gestures. They conduct business meetings in their native language only. They usually prefer to do business with people they have a strong relationship with. Never criticize your business partner in front of others, as this is considered very disrespectful.
  4. BUSINESS ATTIRE: In South Korea, the attire for both women and men during professionalism is totally formal. The dress code for men is dark-colored business suits in black or navy blue, with white shirts and conservative ties. On the other hand, women are expected to wear business suits in the same color schemes. The dressing style of Koreans is similar to that of western business attire. They prefer non flashy clothing for both men and women. For women modest dresses and blouses are appropriate. Women should avoid heavy jewelry during office hours. For men khaki pants or polo shirts, is not recommended.

Go through with the above mentioned tips carefully to enjoy the long term profitable business in South Korea.

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